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In 2017 REV Group, a manufacturer of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands and leading provider of parts and services established a joint venture with China’s Chery Holding Group to manufacture RVs, ambulances and other specialty vehicles for distribution within China and select international markets. The joint venture company brings together expertise in product research and development, vehicle manufacturing, spare parts supply, financial services, and tourism services to develop a leading specialty vehicles platform with high-quality RV and convenient after-sales service to the market. The joint venture will also develop ambulances to provide healthcare providers with transport system solutions.

The joint venture is backed by an investment commitment of 160 million yuan with registered capital of 89 million yuan. The business will focus on R&D, manufacture, sales and service of residential vehicles, ambulances, commercial vehicles and other specialty vehicles. REV will be an innovator in specialty vehicles providing best-in-class service and be at the forefront of building China's recreational vehicle culture and ecosphere.

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Hot Campsite

Every campsite will be your holiday paradise, camping with friends or driving a RV, wandering through a leisurely afternoon, or watching the moon and stars on the balcony of a cabin with your favorite. RV tourism has become a new way of life in China, with a wide range of enthusiasts and a certain scale of infrastructure. A small entertainment and entertainment community with a certain area and security.。

Travel Notes

Enjoy the relaxation and comfort of being surrounded by nature. Exercise, karaoke, playing cards, BBQ. When tired, go into a luxurious and comfortable car, read a book or take a nap, or have a cup of coffee to enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Not only is it self-willed, but it also allows children to enjoy a completely different kind of freedom from regular travel. You can arrange a family party, a birthday party, a natural picnic at a campsite, or even an open-air movie in a RV.